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(below) Richard designs lighting production for three consecutive seasons  (2017-19)  at the largest club in the world, Privilege Ibiza. A production exclusively for Resistance, an underground electronic music brand created by Ultra Music Festival.

All three productions were designed to morph into different overall shapes. They all had the capacity to  manipulate individual blocks in different directions as well as   heights during the show to give the crowd a more engaging and exciting experience.


With extensive lighting production design experience, Our co-founder Richard Milstein collaborates with interior designer, Francois Frossard of FFD/Thai Hospitality to work on the interior design for the opening of Story Nightclub in Miami Beach (2012).



(above) Richard's involvement  included the design of the oversized statement columns  and the 3 dimentional LED wall design on the background. 

(below) The same year, Richard continues to collaborate with FFD/Thai Hospitality and this time to come up with a concept design for a  nightclub project in Las Vegas.​


2012, 2017-2019