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We gave the Play Room/Bar a more fun vibe by matching the bar stools with the pool table and repurposed the old bar stools for the outdoor area. Additionally, we gave some love to the Family room Terrace that overlooks the pool, which had been unused for years. 

Finally we revamped the pool area of this stunning waterfront property.


For this home staging project, we were asked to style only key areas of this 20,000 sq. ft. home for photoshoot purposes. The house was built by Italian architect Massimo Comoli, best known for working with the late Gianni Versace on the redesign of the iconic Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach (formerly the Versace Mansion).





The challenge was to be able to stage this 30 million dollar waterfront property in Miami Beach, with a small budget. The house was ready to put up in the market and they needed some good shots.

We went for a more overall modern feel.  We  re-styled the formal living room by replacing existing furniture and re-arranging  art. We repurposed one of the sofas into the family room and freshened up the vibe with  a more neutral palette.