The original concept we proposed to Sony Music Latin was to make each recording studio a totally different vibe. The idea was welcomed and we moved forward with conceptualizing a dark, a playful and a zen studio to accommodate to all artists' moods. To evoke creativity.

For all 3 recording studios, we were tasked with designing the aesthetics including selection of materials and finishes. Acoustic design and engineering, installation and integration was realized by Malvicino Design Group. 

(above) Studio A/Dark: For the dark room concept, we wanted the focus to be the acoustic clouds. Their existing irregular shapes were already a statement on their own but we wanted to take it up a notch and do something that has rarely been done in recording studios before, custom art on acoustic fabric. Lighting was also crucial as we wanted to take the focus away from the existing puck lights to create something, again, very out of the ordinary for a recording studio. We designed three bent halo pendants, with a 360 degree LED rope and an organic flow,  to float under the clouds with the purpose of highlighting the custom fabric design as well as creating additional mood light. For the console table legs, we decided to take a more architectural approach to stay away from the more common shapes.

(below) Studio C/Playful: The following represent the first two rounds of designs we proposed, which was originally envisioned as pink. We aimed for a fun and playful environment that would be completely out of character in ordinary recording studios. For example, the marble wallpaper detail in the soffit, is a perfect contradictory material  as stones are typically not a desired element for acoustic reasons. In general, we took Miami as inspiration for this one. Art Deco forms a big part of its architectural history so we went with a Neo Art Deco vibe. The idea behind the scripted fabric on the back of the sofa was to have iconic song lyrics from various Sony Music Latin artists. The arched doors materialized the fun vibe we were looking for.



Rednoir was tasked with doing the interior design concept for 5020 Studio. A 15,000-square-foot, two-story facility, now the new creative hub for Sony Music Latin in Miami. For the recording studios, we had the honor to collaborate with world renowned acoustical engineer Horacio Malvicino and designer Fabiola Mena of the Malvicino Design Group, who executed the acoustical design, installation and integration.  The project encompasses three recording studios, two writing rooms, a 4k screening room, and a performance area, as well as lounges, a conference room, multipurpose offices for podcasting and other content creation, and an outdoor area.






(below)  Multi-Purpose Performance Area: For our first concept, we created a large scale lighting installation as the statement piece. The use of fabrics on th ceiling was intended to dampen the room echo. The main idea was to create a space that would be easily identifiable in any picture. For the second round, we went with darker colors and eliminated the ceiling dropdown elements for video production purposes. The clients asked us to keep an existing pink pong table so we revamped with graphic elements from studio clouds.

(below)   Conference Room: As a creative hub, we avoided the corporate feel. We went for a playful industrial chic vibe and designed a custom nook for the lounge area. The idea throughout the building was, again,  to create spaces within spaces that would be used for multi-functional purposes.

(below)  Patio: This is meant to be a multifunctional space as well. A performance area as well as a lounging escape. The wide and  tall white wall lent itself as a perfect projection background great for large crowd night screenings. NOTE: Photos of project coming soon!!

(below)  VIP Lounge: For this room we were given the task to design a room that would feel cozy, speakeasy and cigar bar style. After the overall project design  started taking shape, Sony executives decided they wanted to continue with the industrial vibe so and to carry the color palette and feel of the Conference room over.

(below)  Common Areas:The whole building was meant to inspire creatives. So we took the colors from 5020 Studio branding, black, grays, white, magenta and splashed them all around the hallways creating irregular geometrical shapes that blended walls with ceilings to create a fun perspective. Guests who enter from the main entrance, would be welcomed by a selfie-magnet art installation. Two large pink circular mirrors on oposite side of the walls that mimic 5020 Studio's brand pink dot, create an infinity effect from their own reflections. The need for TVs and screens throughout the lobby area were important so guests could be welcomed and informed while being the premises. We were tasked with creating a custom piece using marble, so we designed a sculptural bench for the lobby. For the bathrooms area, we thought using the transparency of the existing doors would be interesting against dark. It would give a sharper contrast when the bathrooms were in use and the lights on, signaling occupancy status.   

(below)   Screening Room: As almost every room besides the recording studios, this one was also meant to be multifunctional. When not used as theater, this would be a quiet place where artists and executives could work on current projects or have small meetings. Acoustical engineering and execution by Malvicino Design Group.

(below)  Studio KTC/Zen: The following represent the first two rounds of design for the zen vibe studio. This one we envisioned as  a heavenly and peaceful space. While coming up with the design, we we wanted the person walking in to the studio to feel like they were entering a spa-like environment. Soothing and sophisticated. A peaceful place. We took two approaches, one with an earthy vibe and one with a more minimal clean feel. For both concepts we created different  customized leg design to fit the existing center console table. 

(below)  Studio C: Sony Executives decide to change design and concept direction. It was decided that the playful vibe would be replaced anther black/dark room. Below, a dark minimal futuristic concept we created before the final design.

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